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Project Description
Creating a common library with ASP.NET MVC Action Filters.

An action filter is an attribute you can slap on an action method in order to run some code before and after the action method executes. Typically, an action filter represents a cross-cutting concern to your action method. Output caching is a good example of a cross-cutting concern.

On the web you'll be able to find dozen of ASP.NET MVC Action Filters. Most of them are outdated and developed for pre-builds of ASP.NET MVC. Therefore you find here an actual library of action filters which are partly developed and partly take over from the web (each one which is taken will be referenced in the documentation).

Actually it's still under development and researches of action filters. I intend to support MVC Action Filters for following scenarios:

Planned Action Filters

  • Action filter for creating easy REST API with JSON and XML
  • Action filter for logging scenarios
  • Action filter for microsoft health monitoring
  • Action filter for client caching
  • Action filter for client compression
  • Action filter for server caching
  • Action filter for controller execution time measurement


some links to sources i started to takeover available action filters:


first release is planned for may 10th 2009


ASP.NET MVC Action Filters is provided as open source and free software (as per Open Source Definition and under LGPL) for two principal reasons. First, an open source community provides a way for individuals and companies to collaborate on projects that none could achieve on their own. Second, the open source model has the technical advantage of turning users into potential co-developers. With source code readily available, users can help debug quickly and promote rapid code enhancements. In short, you are encouraged and invited to contribute!

You don't have to necessarily contribute in the form of code submissions only. Contributions are appreciated and needed in any of the following forms:
  • Help diagnose and report problems
  • Suggest fixes or send in your patches
  • Improve the code
  • Help with unit and end-to-end testing
  • Provide peer support on mailing lists, forums or newsgroups.

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